2022 Newfoundland Reports

2022 Newfoundland Reports

Below are the daily email reports sent out during Tazzarin’s 2022 expedition to the east coast of Newfoundland. The voyage started in Manchester, Massachusetts with a brief stop in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Then on St. John’s Newfoundland where a delay occurred due to engine troubles. Finally repairs were made and Tazzarin cruised some of Newfoundland’s east coast before hauling the boat and storing her up north for the winter. In 2023 the expedition will continue northward to Labrador and Nunatsiavut.

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June 2022
June 18: Tazzarin Outward Bound
June 19: Blustery Day & Night
June 20: Rounded Brazill Rock
June 21: A Day in Halifax
June 22: On the Move Again
June 23: Ocean Changes
June 24: Rushing in Rhythm
June 25: Rounding Cape Race
June 27: Fast Sail with Tough Ending
June 27: Diesel Woes after 1,000 Miles
June 28: A Little Shore Leave
June 29: Engine Diagnosis and Delay
June 30: Shipmates

July 2022
July 1: Canada Day
July 3: Holiday Weekends
July 4: St. John’s Harbour
July 5: Engine Rebuild
July 6: Pondering Schedule – A New Plan
July 7: Gannets at Bird Rock
July 9: Wild Lands – Early Settlements
July 10: Bright Colors – Birds and Buildings
July 11: Cape Race
July 12: Sunset on Conception Bay
July 13: Fishing Outports – Branch
July 14: Memories, Outports & Planning
July 15: Labradors and Newfoundlands
July 16: A Shipwreck and A Surprise
July 17: Annie Arrives in Newfoundland
July 18: Color and An Artist
July 19: Life Under the Sea
July 20: Another Email from Annie
July 21: Nature Abounds
July 22: Wildflowers
July 23: Annie Home – The Wait
July 24: Regina Maris
July 26: Ferryland – The Colony of Avalon
July 28: Hearts Content – Messages Across the Sea
July 29: Engine Update – Fingers Crossed
July 30: Rainy Day – Overhauling
July 31: Sunday

August 2022
August 1: Finding My Way
August 2: Cleaning the Prop
August 3: Stop and Smell the Flowers
August 5: Solving Engine Parts
August 6: Coming Home
August 8: Waiting at Home
August 11: Engine Aboard!
August 13: Sailing Again
August 14: Brigus to Bay De Verde
August 15: Baccalieu Tickle & Ireland’s Eye
August 16: Morning Hike and Old Perlican
August 17: Fish
August 18: Images and Memories
August 20: Favorite Anchorage and Crew Change
August 21: Royal Newfoundland Yacht Club
August 22: Fast Sail to Catalina
August 23: Bonavista Bay and Burnside Harbour
August 24: Sailing By Outports
August 25: Fogo Island
August 26: Fogo Island Day 2
August 27: Observations
August 28: Bonavista, Whales & Birds
August 29: Lighthouse, History & Puffins
August 30: Trinity and Rocky Shores

September 2022
September 1: Trinity to Ireland’s Eye
September 1: Baccalieu Tickle to Bay De Verde
September 2: A Summer Cruise – Memories
September 11: Down Rig and Hurricane
September 21: Haulout, Hurricanes & Home