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On June 18th, 2022 Tazzarin will begin a 3,600 mile expedition sailing out of her home port of Manchester, Massachusetts. The first leg of the voyage will be across the Gulf of Maine and along the southwestern shore of Nova Scotia and into the port of Halifax. The vessel and crew will clear into Canada and spend a day ashore. The next leg will be an offshore passage eastward along Nova Scotia and across the Cabot Strait to St. John’s in southeast Newfoundland.

From St. John’s the sailing will continue northward, stretching daylight longer each day as Tazzarin goes up the east coast of Newfoundland to St. Anthony at the northernmost point of the island of Newfoundland. After a few days in port, the crew will sail across the Strait of Belle Isle and then further north up the east coast of Labrador and into the Inuit managed lands of Nunatsiavut.

Along the way Tazzarin and her crew will sail amongst whales, icebergs, multitudes of seabirds as they visit historic sites, stunning landscapes and make friends in these remote areas.

Captain Bill Barton will strive to send out a daily email logbook entry along with a photograph. These emails will also have a link to real time mapping so you can have a sense of the land and seascape through high resolution satellite imagery. You can sign up to receive these emails from Tazzarin by clicking here. Please join Tazzarin and follow the adventure! Don’t miss out!


  1. Bill-
    An inspiring journey to say the least. Looking forward to following along and learning about the region.
    Fair winds to you and the Tazzarin crew.

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