2023 NL and Nunatsiavut Reports

2023 Newfoundland, Labrador and Nunatsiavut Log Entries

Below are the daily log reports from Tazzarin’s 2023 sailing expedition to the northern waters of Newfoundland, Labrador and the Inuit Lands of Nunatsiavut.

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Commissioning at Royal Newfoundland Yacht Club
June 19: Tazzarin is Back Again – Long Pond near St. John’s, Newfoundland
June 20: Two Steps Forward, Two Steps Back – Long Pond near St. John’s, Newfoundland
June 21: Sunshine and Launch – Long Pond near St. John’s, Newfoundland
June 22: Mast Stepped and Other Thoughts – Long Pond near St. John’s, Newfoundland
June 23: Old and New – Long Pond
June 25: Looking Like a Sailboat – Long Pond
June 26: Summer Crew – Long Pond
June 27: Shakedown Sail – Conception Bay and Brigus
June 28: Warmer Weather and a Glimpse – Brigus to Long Pond

Long Pond/St. John’s to St. Anthony, Newfoundland
June 29: New Crew & Titan Submersible – Long Pond and St. John’s
June 30: Engine Check and Avian Flu – Long Pond & Cape St. Mary’s
July 01: Canada Day, Cod and Whales – Long Pond to Bay de Verde
July 02: Bonavista and Bergy Waters – Bay de Verde to Bonavista Harbour
July 03: Bonavista, Puffins and Things – Bonavista Harbour
July 04: Bonavista to Lumsden – Bonavista Harbour to Lumsden
July 05: Seldom Come By – Lumsden to Seldom Come By on Fogo Island
July 06: Ice – Fogo Island to Twillingate
July 07: La Scie and New Friends – Twillingate to La Scie
July 08: Williamsport – La Scie to Williamsport
July 09: Fixes, Fjord, Ice and Outport – Williamsport to Conche
July 10: Big Berg, Whales and Moose – Conche to Maiden Arm in Hare Bay
July 11: Arrived at St. Anthony – Maiden Arm to St. Anthony
July 12: Vikings and a Crew Change – St. Anthony

St. Anthony, Newfoundland to Hopedale, Labrador/Nunatsiavut
July 13: A Bear of a Day – St. Anthony
July 14: Readying for Labrador & Water Issues – St. Anthony
July 15: Labrador – St. Anthony to Pitt’s Harbour in Chateau Bay, Labrador
July 16: Battle Harbour – Pitt’s Harbour to Battle Harbour, Labrador
July 17: Friends Visit – Battle Harbour
July 17: Changing Landscape – Battle Harbour to Occasional Harbour, Labrador
July 18: Holes – Occasional Harbour to Hawke Harbour, Labrador
July 19: Hawke to Indian Tickle – Hawke Harbour to Indian Tickle, Labrador
July 20: Visitors – Indian Tickle to Grady Tickle, Labrador
July 21: Armada on Parade – Grady Tickle across to Emily Harbour, Nunatsiavut
July 22: Views of the Day – Emily Harbour to Roger’s Harbour, Kikkertvak Is. Nunatsiavut
July 23: Engine Issues and Makkovik – Roger’s Harbour to Makkovik, Nunatsiavut
July 24: The Inuit Remain – Makkovik, Nunatsiavut
July 25: Hopedale – Furthest North – Hopedale, Nunatsiavut (Agvituk/Avertok)
July 26: Why am I Here – Hopedale, Nunatsiavut
July 27: Hopedale – Hopedale, Nunatsiavut
July 28: Crew Change and the Capitol – Hopedale, Nunatsiavut

Hopedale, Nunatsiavut to Lewisporte, Newfoundland
July 29: Day’s Sail, Engine and Autopilot – Hopedale to Makkovik, Nunatsiavut
July 30: Nunguaq Bight – Makkovik to Nunguaq Bight, Nunatsiavut
July 31: Jeanette Bay, Ice – Nunguaq Bight to Jeanette Bay, Nunatsiavut
August 01: JJ’s Report – Jeanette Bay to Emily Harbour, Nunatsiavut
August 02: Storm Clouds, Burds and Bergs – Emily Harbour to Grady Tickle, Labrador
August 03: Empty Homes and Glorious Sailing – Grady Tickle to the Punchbowl, Labrador
August 04: Berg, Squasho Run and Engine – Punchbowl to St. Francis Harbour, Labrador
August 05: St. Francis to Battle Harbour – St. Francis Hbr. to Battle Harbour, Labrador
August 06: Whales, Birds, Fish and Battle Harbour – Battle Harbour, Labrador
August 07: Crossing the Strait – Battle Harbour, Labrador to St. Anthony, Newfoundland
August 08: Official Visits and Quaint Outports – St. Anthony, Newfoundland
August 09: Weather Coming – St. Anthony to Maiden Arm, Hare Bay, Newfoundland
August 10: The Storm Continues – Maiden Arm, Hare Bay, Newfoundland
August 11: Englee Newfoundland – Maiden Arm to Englee, Newfoundland
August 12: Fast Tracking and Friends – Englee to La Scie, Newfoundland
August 13: 60 Stunning Miles – La Scie to Lewisporte, Newfoundland

Lewisporte, Newfoundland to Long Pond near St. John’s, Newfoundland
August 14: Crew Change, Provisions and Cod – Lewisporte, Newfoundland
August 15: Baked Goods and Notre Dame Bay – Lewisporte to Western Harbour, South Sampson Is.
August 16: Twillingate and Repairs – Western Harbour to Twillingate, Newfoundland
August 17: Fogo Island – Twillingate to Fogo Harbour, Fogo Is., Newfoundland
August 18: Wildlife – Fogo Harbour to Lumsden, Newfoundland
August 19: Change of Plan – Lumsden to Puddingbag Cove, Newfoundland
August 20: Puddingbag and Safety – Puddingbag Cove, Newfoundland
August 21: Sailing – Puddingbag Cove to Bonavista Harbour, Newfoundland
August 22: Looking Back in Bonavista – Bonavista Harbour, Newfoundland
August 23: A Foggy Start and Trinity Village – Bonavista Hbr. to Trinity, Newfoundland
August 24: Dolphin, Puffins and Bay de Verde – Trinity to Bay de Verde, Newfoundland
August 25: A Cruise Complete, A Passage Ahead – Bay de Verde to Long Pond, Newfoundland
August 26: Annie’s Report – Long Pond, Newfoundland

Long Pond near St. John’s Newfoundland to Canso, Nova Scotia
August 27: Crew Change and Weather Watch – Long Pond, near St. John’s, Newfoundland
August 28: Engine Work and Weather – Long Pond, Newfoundland
August 29: Under Way for Home – Long Pond to At Sea off Newfoundland
August 30: With Orcas, Between a Rock and a Hard Place – At Sea to St. Lawrence, Nfld.
August 31: Lay Day in St. Lawrence – St. Lawrence, Newfoundland
September 01: Cabot Strait – St. Lawrence to At Sea in the Cabot Strait
September 02: A Tough Slog and a Feathered Friend – At Sea in Cabot Strait
September 03: A Push to Canso, David Departs – At Sea in Cabot Strait to Canso, Nova Scotia

Canso, Nova Scotia to Manchester, Massachusetts
September 04: Another Gale Brewing – Canso to Liscomb, Nova Scotia
September 05: Waiting for Idalia – Liscomb, Nova Scotia
September 06: Bob Arrives amid Storm – Liscomb, Liscomb, Nova Scotia
September 07: Arrived in Halifax – Liscomb to Halifax, Nova Scotia
September 08: Halifax Tasks and Weather Watch – Halifax, Nova Scotia
September 09: A Tale of Two Cities – Halifax to Lunenburg, Nova Scotia
September 10: Southwestern Shore of Nova Scotia – Lunenburg to At Sea off Nova Scotia
September 11: Windless Fog Night and Day – My Thanks – At Sea in Gulf of Maine
September 12: Arriving at 1840 Today – At Sea to Manchester, Massachusetts and MYC