Photo Galleries of Destinations

The galleries below have highlights of special places visited under sail, either aboard Tazzarin, or other sailboats. Browse a gallery to see and learn more about a location or topic.

Gulls on Iceberg off Williamsport
Gulls on Iceberg off Williamsport, Newfoundland

North to Nunatsiavut Gallery 1

Images from Newfoundland, Labrador and the Inuit Lands of Nunatsiavut from 2022 and 2023; 4,000 miles of sailing!




Horses and grey seals on Sable Island
Horses and grey seals above the surf on Sable Island’s North Beach.

Sable Island Scenes

View imagery form 2010, 2015 and 2017 on remote Sable Island. Horses, seals, birds, flowers and artifacts from expeditions.



Sable Island Shipwrecks

View historic images of some of the vessels tragically lost in the unforgiving sands of Sable Island. Our research now tallies over 300 wrecks for which we have found period documentation. See why this isolated island earned the nickname of “Graveyard of the Atlantic.”